Evanston Therapy

You’re feeling burnt out and overwhelmed

You’re trying to do it all and feel like you’re failing everyone

Neither your life nor your relationships are meeting your expectations

Even though you’re doing everything “right,” you’re feeling unfulfilled and empty

Perhaps parenting is a challenge. Or maybe you’re struggling to get pregnant and didn’t expect things to be so hard.

If you want a better life and improved relationships, you’ve come to the right place. I’m here to help.

Individual Therapy

Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated? Noticing how challenging it is to “have it all” and finding yourself stuck in old patterns? Individual therapy can provide insight, understanding, and new perspectives to get you on the path to a better you.

Couples Counseling Evanston

Couples Counseling

Relationships are hard. Sometimes we need help communicating or reconnecting with a partner after childbirth, infidelity, or other life transitions. As a trained couple’s counselor, I can work with you and your partner to help you two better your communication and intimacy.

Family Therapy

Raising kids isn’t easy. Involving a professional can improve your sanity, parenting, and family life especially in this age of increased divorce rates, kid’s access to the internet and screen time, and the rise of pediatric diagnoses of ADHD, depression, and anxiety.

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