Group Therapy

Groups for Emerging Adults (ages 18-26)

Hi there! Welcome to Centered Connections. I’m so glad that you’re considering group therapy (or at least intrigued enough by the names to check it out)! Below are my upcoming groups (woot! woot!) as well as the benefits of group therapy for those who may not be so sure about it. If you are on the fence, feel free to reach out with questions. Hope to see you in the New Year!

Upcoming Groups (January 2018)

Boundaries Are For Everyone (Tuesdays at 4pm)

A support group for building and maintaining healthy relationships

*Learn how to:

Respond instead of react

Improve self-esteem

Increase interpersonal skills

The art of saying “no”

How to Nail Adulting (Wednesdays at 2pm)

A psychoeducation and support group for when you “can’t even”

*Learn how to navigate:




Advocating for yourself

Life skills

Managing emotions



Why Do Group Therapy?

I’m so glad you asked! There are so many great reasons to do groups (which is why I run them!). Here are a few:

*Groups provide support and a sense of belonging

Often people come into group feeling really alone in their problems. And hearing other people share and empathize with their experience can be incredibly powerful. It’s nice to know that you are not going through this alone. And that there is a space where you can be yourself without judgment.

*Groups can be a sounding board

Individual therapy is great (and I LOVE providing it) but there is something about having peers as your sounding board that can’t be replaced. Especially when you are feeling like you “can’t even.” Having other people in the same boat can provide a different perspective.

*Groups help you relate to yourself and others in healthier ways

Whether you are struggling with relationships or just being able to assert yourself, group therapy can be helpful in improving your interpersonal skills and self-talk. I’m all about helping people have healthier relationships and improved self-esteem. And groups do wonders for this sort of thing.

*Groups assist you in finding your voice

It’s one thing to talk to your therapist one-on-one. It’s another thing to express yourself in a group situation. Groups provide a safe space to be vulnerable and practice expressing your authentic self.

Still not sure if groups are for you but want more information? Reach out! I’m happy to talk with you.

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