Premarital Counseling

Congratulations on your engagement! As exciting as this time is, it can be equally as stressful. Engaged couples often find themselves feeling disconnected and bickering more than they had previously. So if you’ve noticed this, don’t be alarmed. The stress of wedding planning + family dynamics = arguments. Plus the relationship often takes a backseat as you prepare for your big day. Quality time gets sidelined by wedding planning. Date nights get put on the back burner as you save money. And you’re not feeling as connected as you did when you first got engaged.

As you scrimp and save and plan for your big day, remember that your relationship is the most important component. The best wedding present that you can give yourself, your partner, and your marriage is setting a solid foundation for the future. I can’t guarantee that premarital counseling will divorce-proof your marriage but I can tell you that it will provide you with skills to navigate life stressors. And it is the perfect time to delve into that stuff that you probably haven’t gotten around to yet because you’ve been so smitten with your fiancé.

I know paying for it can be hard to swallow (especially given all the hidden wedding costs that keep popping up!). So, as you scroll down and notice the pricing, you may think about all of the other things you might rather do with that money. But just remember that a perfect wedding and an idyllic honeymoon are only as good as the marriage itself. And I imagine that you’re on here because you value your marriage and you want to set it up for success.

Your Investment:

Premarital Counseling is not covered or reimbursable by insurance. While I know that this can be frustrating, think about it as investing in a marriage consultant. For a lot less than you’d pay a wedding planner, you can unearth expectations, dialogue about potential pitfalls, and learn communication and conflict resolution skills to set your marriage up for success.

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