Hey there new parents! This blog post is for you! The basis of a strong relationship is a solid foundation of friendship. When couples feel like their partner has become more of a roommate than a spouse, the foundation usually needs to be repaired. Because friendship is more than talking about poop, sleeplessness, who’s going to do what around the house, etc. It’s having meaningful conversations. It’s laughing together.

So set aside some time to talk. Having open ended conversations helps. “How was your day?” often elicits a one word response (or at least that’s the case in my marriage!). But when you’re feeling sleep deprived and disconnected coming up with questions to ask can be hard. So here are ten to start you off. Happy connecting!

10 Conversation Starters to Help New Parents Reconnect

  1. What has scared you the most about becoming a mom/dad?
  2. What has been the biggest surprise about parenthood?
  3. Tell me about your dreams for our child(ren)?
  4. What are your dreams for our relationship?
  5. Are there any rituals (holiday or otherwise) that you want to include in our family now that we have kids?
  6. What makes you feel loved by me? Tell me about the times that you’ve felt most connected to me?
  7. What are the values that you want to instill in our kid(s)?
  8. Are there ways that you want to raise our kid(s) differently than your parents? What are things you want to do the same as your parents?
  9. What changes would you like to make in our lives and careers now that we have a baby?
  10. Tell me about your ideal date night. (And then plan/schedule one)

Hope this gets you started on reconnecting! Your relationship deserves it!

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