Family Therapy

Bring the Fun Back to Family Time

Parenting isn’t always what we imagined it would be. You knew it would be tough sometimes but now it feels hard most of the time. The temper tantrums, the meltdowns, the talking back, the disrespect, the endless energy, the fights over screen time…  It’s wearing you down. You are becoming the parent you never wanted to be and you’re at a loss to get back to you.

Maybe you’re finding yourself more like your mom than you wanted. Maybe it’s yelling, snapping, or constantly grounding, punishing, and denying screen time. This isn’t fun. You want to enjoy being with your family. But right now you feel overwhelmed by it all.

Together we will work to set enforceable boundaries and rules, develop healthy communication that fosters love and respect, and help raise kids who will become the kind of adult you want to be friends with later. I’ve worked with countless families to increase family satisfaction for the parents and the kids. I want to offer my expertise in family and couple therapy to strengthen the bonds and communication in your family so that you can raise kids and teens to be respectful, loving, and self-confident adults.

Let’s see if we can’t get you to the place where you can worry less and smile more. Let’s bring the joy back into parenting so that your family can appreciate family time again.

Call (224-999-1184) or email ( today to set up a free consultation to see if family therapy is right for you.