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My office is conveniently located just north of downtown Evanston. In addition to having ample street parking, it’s walkable from the Davis Metra Station and the Foster Stop on the Purple Line.

Address: 1940 Sherman Ave, Suite A
Evanston, IL 60201

Phone: 224-999-1184


Fees & What to Expect

Counseling sessions are generally 50 minutes and occur weekly to achieve the best results. As therapy progresses, we can discuss reducing the frequency to biweekly or monthly. My goal is to best support you and my experience is that weekly therapy initially is best.

I don’t take insurance. In the interest of providing high quality service to my clients, I have elected not to haggle with insurance companies over benefits and coverage. Having a private pay therapist gives you more control over therapy. You and your therapist get to decide how frequently you have therapy, who is included, and the course of treatment. Because I don’t take insurance, I can offer higher quality of therapy by seeing fewer clients, regularly attending training and consultation, and preparing for our sessions.

In addition, you avoid the insurance requirement of receiving a diagnosis which goes in your permanent record. While some of my individual clients don’t mind this and gladly accept a superbill (coded, itemized medical receipt to submit for partial reimbursement), my couples generally prefer to pay out of pocket for this reason.


Investment and Fees:

Couple’s Counseling or Individual Therapy (50min) $175

Discernment Counseling Intake (2 hours) $400

Discernment Counseling Sessions (1.5 hours) $300


I accept cash, credit/debit, check, or Chase QuickPay.

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