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You’ve been living on autopilot and are questioning if this is the life you want. While there are some things that bring you joy, mostly you feel stressed outdisconnected, and overwhelmed. Despite the instagram filter and happy facebook photos, life has been a series of unmet expectations. And underneath all of that is this nagging sense that you’re not good enough.

Always hustling, you hope that the anxiety, uncertainty, and doubt won’t catch up with you. But that inner critic won’t go away. That nagging voice is always questioning if you’re trying hard enough, doing enough, or are enough. And your usual coping skills (binge watching Netflix, drinking wine, and eating your feelings) aren’t working. You need support. Your relationship needs a lifeline. You’re ready to try counseling.

Who you are…

The Floater

Your daughter is more mature than the average teen. While you’re pretty sure that she’s going to thrive in college, high school is driving her to tears. Her anxiety is through the roof, her depression is significant, and she struggles socially. Don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place. I love working with these teens! (Spoiler alert: I’m good at it!)

The Aspirer

You tend to intellectualize feelings and push yourself to the brink. On the surface you look like you have it all together. But underneath, you’re a ball of stress. No matter what you do, it’s never good enough. And the quest for success, for perfection, is wearing you down. Welcome. We’re going to get you on a more sustainable path. It can get better.

The Juggler

You’re stretched way too thin and are barely keeping it together. You’re trying to be a good parent and partner but feel like you’re failing everyone. It’s nobody’s fault but sometimes marriages get strained, careers get sidelined, and kids get snapped at. Let’s bring the joy back to parenting and the romance back into your marriage. Life can be manageable again.

If you’re tired of feeling stuck and want to do something about itI’d love to hear from you!

Who I am…

Evanston Therapist

I’m Theresa Herring, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and I’d love to help. I’m no bobble head and you won’t find me asking you questions behind a clipboard and furtively scribbling notes. I roll up my sleeves and help offer insight and practical solutions. My clients appreciate my warm, empathetic and down-to-earth approach. They also like that I have a sense of humor and don’t take sides when working with couples. But more than anything, they appreciate that I know my stuff.

Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling

Couples therapy is my jam. While many therapists offer it, most don’t have the specialized training and experience to excel at it. Luckily for you, I do. So if you’re looking to stop fighting and start reconnecting, you’re in the right place. You don’t have to settle for a sexless, argument-filled relationship. Feeling disconnected from your partner sucks. And my guess is you’re looking for someone who gets it. Someone who understands the needs of millennial and Gen-X couples, blended families, and adult children of divorce. You’re looking for an approach tailored to your specific needs. I hear ya. Your relationship is unique. And you want a therapist who is going to treat it as such.

Premarital Counseling

You want to set your marriage up for success. You’ve seen other relationships end in divorce and you don’t want that for yours. So you’re looking to make the investment in premarital work. You love this person but you’re also realistic. Premarital counseling is the best wedding gift that you can give marriage.

Couples Therapy

Right now you’re in the “roommate rut” with your partner. Perhaps there has been an affair. Or maybe it’s just that you struggle with communication and conflict resolution. The one thing that’s certain: You need this relationship to get better. You can’t continue on in this way. Don’t worry, there’s hope.

Discernment Counseling

Divorce is on the table. One of you is considering leaving the relationship and the other is trying to save it. You are looking to get clarity on this relationship and the future of your marriage. You want confidence in your decision to divorce or to be able to work it out. You’re in the right place.

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