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Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. – Arthur Ashe

Theresa Herring Therapist

About Theresa

Welcome to my about page. Rather than going straight into my qualifications (snooze), I’m guessing you’re really here to see if I’m the right therapist for you. So I’m thinking it would be helpful to share the type of clients who are most successful in therapy with me. How does that sound? Good? See, I like you already.

I work best with people who:

  • Are unhappy with their current situation and are ready to do something about it
  • Appreciate understanding where behaviors come from so that they can move forward with their life
  • Value insightful questions, direct feedback, and a sense of humor
  • Are ready to prioritize and invest in their mental health and romantic relationships


Does this sound like you? If so, then let’s definitely schedule a time for the two of us to talk!

Yes I’m ready to schedule my free 15 minute consultation!


Life is too short to be stressed out, lonely, and disconnected. And your relationship matters too much to stay on the backburner. This is your time. Take the next step. Not for me but for you. Don’t become one of those people who regrets not trying counseling years ago. Let’s get started on improving your relationship and life today!

Now for the professional qualifications …  I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Illinois. Unlike most therapists, I have specialized training in couples therapy and discernment counseling. I got my master’s degree in Couple and Family Therapy at Thomas Jefferson University and received my clinical training from Council for Relationships in Philadelphia. After relocating to Chicago I worked as a therapist and crisis worker at Turning Point before starting Centered Connections here in Evanston, IL.

And you know what? I love what I do and I’m pretty darn good at it.



Why do People Choose you as their Therapist?

Most often it’s because they resonate with my style and think I can help. The biggest predictor of success in therapy is the therapeutic relationship. Which is why I offer a free phone consultation to see if we’re a good fit. During our chat, I’ll give you a chance to ask questions and I’ll have some for you as well.

Secondly, many clients choose me for couples therapy because their individual therapist recommended me. They pick me because I come highly recommended, I resonate with them, and I know what I’m doing. This is important because too many relationships have been hurt by bad couples therapy.

Thirdly, people choose me because former and current clients value my work. When you provide high quality therapy, you get a lot of referrals by word of mouth.

Do You Take Insurance?

I am out of network with insurance. Some of my clients choose to use their “out of network” benefits to cover a portion of therapy. Others (especially couples) choose to refrain from receiving a mental health diagnosis and pay out of pocket. All of my clients feel like the investment in their mental health (and marriage!) is worth it.

Want to know a little more about why I don’t take insurance? Read this blog post.

How Much Does Therapy Cost?

Your investment is $150/therapy hour. I accept cash, check, and all major debit/credit cards (including HSAs and FSAs).

Do You Have a Sliding Scale?

I have a couple of reduced fee slots but they are currently filled at this time. In order to provide the highest quality of therapy possible, I see fewer clients (and do more training) than your average therapist. This means that I am unable to slide my fee.

I'm ready to improve my relationship and change my life!

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